Blade & Soul Beta is too Long

  • This is actually quite scary to think about. The hype has died down quite a bit surrounding this game due to numerous factors (Beta too long, Imbalance PVP due to skill/hp/dmg pool scaling, limited dungeons on launch/beta) etc. All to often now I'm hearing and reading the same comments about this game when the topic of BNS finally getting released soon comes up. "I lost interest", "Beta was boring I'm not going to play it", "I'm not going to bother until they catch up with enough Cheap Blade And Soul Gold". I don't doubt there will be a small niche community for this game regardless of what happens, that's more then obvious at this point.

    However, I really can't see a lot of people waiting yet another 6 months to a year to catch up to content that quite frankly should have been available at launch in NA. There's also a rather large group of people I've been in contact with that think the NA release is a complete waste of time and are more then content staying on the TW/CN regions soley based on content and not caring about ping.

    For me, I'm still excited for the game as I don't have much interest in any other MMOs anymore but I can't deny the fact my tolerance and patience at this point hasn't been worn down quite a bit. Personally I'm really hoping they start to roll the content a lot quicker then I'm anticipating at this point in time. I could be wrong and I don't like to be pessimistic but I've begun to doubt whether or not my interest will hold 6 months into next year. I really feel like they've made some key mistakes and gated content to an extreme with NA and there's plenty of other games to experience.

    I feel like the Forums and Reddit for this game are a ghost-town compared to what I had originally expected. At this point I've drastically lowered my expectations of the game and think it will do mediocre at best and have a small but dedicated community throughout its life-cycle at I can't imagine the E-Sport PVP dream people had for this game in NA becoming a reality anymore. I haven't played WoW in years but I often at random read about the state of arena PVP and feel it has a much more realistic chance at becoming an E-Sport then BNS does in NA/EU in the forseeable future.
    I hope I'm wrong, I hope the excitement is rekindled after launch but at this point I see myself shrugging when I think about the game as opposed to not being able to log off because I was so addicted back on CN servers and Alpha/CBT1 NA.