Path of Exile - Super Stash Sale the This Weekend!

  • This weekend GGG have holding another Super Stash Sale where we're discounting every type of stash tab including the new Map Stash Tab! Everything has been discounted from Premium Stash Tab Bundles, Premium Upgrades, Currency Tabs to the new Premium Quad, Divination and Essence Stash Tabs. If you're looking for points to spend on these tabs, remember to check out our new Abyss Supporter Packs! If you are interested to poe buy currency/, please visit our websire.


    GGG have proud to announce the Abyss Supporter Packs! There are two packs available that help you celebrate the release of the Abyss challenge league with many exclusive effects. They are both at the same price point, but with different contents, so you can choose whichever one (or both) you prefer.


    They'll be running these packs until the release of 3.2.0 next year.



    The sales of Supporter Packs so far have funded a significant portion of Path of Exile's development. Thanks to your generous contributions, we were able to pay for the content and server costs of Path of Exile and six expansions. Over eighteen million gamers have enjoyed Path of Exile and many have supported us by purchasing supporter packs and microtransactions. This support is greatly appreciated. It covers not only our day-to-day development costs but also the development of future expansions.



    Thank you so much for your continued support of Path of Exile. We hope you really enjoy these supporter packs and all that War for the Atlas has to offer!


    Check out the full selection of this weekend's specials here. These sales run all weekend and end at Jan 15, 2018 10:00 PM (this is displayed in your local time).


    Please note that if you're an Xbox One user, the Map Stash Tab isn't currently available in the store yet. We are working on bringing it to the Xbox One as soon as possible.


    If you're looking for some points to spend on the sale, please consider checking out the Abyss Supporter Packs! If you have any points spare after purchasing your preferred stash tabs, you might be interested in the Fire and Ice Mystery Box!