The Top Templar Totem Builds - Path of Exile 3.1.0

  • Totems and Marauder classes go well together, and can only get better with age. That’s why people can come up with builds like the Crit Triple Flame Totem Chieftain – an upgrade of the Double Flame Totem Blood Magic Chieftain. Today, U4gm are sharing with you How To Lifting's Quad Frostbolt Totems Hierophant? Furthermore, there you will find the cheap path of exile items you want, which is the best choice to buy chaos orbs services on the market!



    Leveling Tips:


    1. Use Freezing Pulse + Flame Totem (but remember to level Frostbolt), until you can socket your first Frozen Trail jewel into the tree, from there start using Frostbolt and pick up Ancestral Bond.


    For leveling link Freezing Pulse with Added Cold and Added Lightning. Swap out Added Lightning for Controlled Destruction later.


    Flame Totem links: Flame Totem, Added Lightning, Added Cold. Swap out Added Cold for Controlled Destruction later.


    Note: remember, once you pick up Ancestral Bond you can no longer deal damage with skills directly cast from your character. You will have to rely on your totems from there on.


    2. Prioritize getting your 2'nd Frozen Trail jewel socketed (but only if you can afford it or already have it. If not spend points on more damage/life.)


    3. Level 28+ Get a 4-link for your Frostbolt setup.


    4. Level 40+ try getting yourself a cheap 5-linked staff for your Frostbolt setup. This makes a big difference in damage.


    5. level 70+ start saving up for a 6-linked staff. (If you can afford a 6-linked Taryn's Shiver go for that)


    6. Try to get someone to boost you in uberlab. The single target simply isn't there, unless you have really good gear already.


    How to get a 6-linked staff:

    - Check for cheap 6-linked staves on OR

    - Farm or purchase 6 The Dark Mage divination cards.


    Optional, but powerful leveling unique's:

    -2x Lifesprig


    - Goldrim


    Alternatively, if you cannot afford these, then try the following method:

    - Crafting a 1+ to cold gems wand/sceptre in the beginner adds some nice damage while leveling. You can do that by getting a blue (magic) wand/sceptre, saphire ring and an orb of alteration. By trading/selling this to the vendor he will in return give you back a weapon with +1 to cold gems. If you want a 1+ for your flame totem you simply need to change out the saphire ring for a ruby ring.


    Bandit Quest:

    - Help Alira for some sweet mana regen, crit multiplier and 15% too all elemental resistances.