PoE: Stygian Vises Being Incorporated Into The Core Game?

  • What does everyone think will happen post league as far as abyss and more specifically stygian vises being incorporated into the core game?


    While i agree with just about everything here, stygians and abyssal jewels will not be forgotten in std, they will be the go-to end game POE items unquestionably.... they are simply too powerful to be forgotten.


    Both Talismans and Breach Rings dropped corrupted, which suggested that GGG were trying to limit their potential - something you’d do if they might stick around in some fashion and they have to carve out their own niche in the game instead of invalidating every other item for their respective slots. I feel the need to draw a distinction here - I’m not holding them up as being perfectly balanced. I’m saying that there was an effort made, which I think is meaningful in and of itself.


    GGG has admitted that Abyss drew heavy inspiration from Breach League - and I’d speculate that this is a factor. The core game has a lot of echoes of previous challenge leagues crammed in various places, and one wonders whether there is room for both Breach and Abyss long-term. They’re obviously occupying overlapping design space. In context of that when you look at just how powerful Stygian Vises and Abyssal Jewels are and that they aren’t dropping corrupted and that every Stygian Vise drops as a rare item... where’s the intention to balance... well, anything?


    Right from the get-go, Abyss has felt like a Mayhem to me. The league will be fun while it lasts, but I don’t believe it’s staying - after Harbinger was widely considered underwhelming, I think they decided to do Breach 2.0 and purposefully design it as a temporary thing, so that it can be as interesting as possible without concerns of long-term game balance holding it back.


    I reckon Stygian Vises and Abyssal Jewels will be dumped into Standard and forgotten.


    Remember how Abyss League is bugged and they didn’t bother to fix it properly? Bit weird if they plan to roll it into the core game. But if they don’t? Not very economical to bother fixing Abyss this late in its lifespan if you know it’ll never be seen again. That’s just poor time management.


    Everything I refer to is, at best, circumstantial evidence - a lot of it probably wouldn’t even qualify as that. But you have to admit there sure is a lot of it. Consistent with past behaviour, explains their current behaviour, explains discrepancies in league design.