Facebook account disabled for no reason? Dial +61-180-082-5192

  • Facebook become one of those services that you cannot prevent or live without. Those folks are wrong although some of us think that we can, that we don’t really live through Facebook and that we can put it down and discontinue anytime we feel like. This is not a social crack like my own account anymore; it is evolved to something much larger than that.

    We upload our lives and our memories to Facebook. We use it to connect with coworkers, friends and loved ones. Some of us work on it, developing on its platform, advertising and managing communities and running events. If you are one of them and are troubling with these Facebook issues, freely call our Facebook toll free number Australia and Facebook Customer service phone number anytime.

    E-mails to Facebook “My Account Has Been Handicapped” team didn’t much help either, saying that their decision is final and review the points on their FAQ page.

    Being the resourceful and whiny individual that I am, I found my contacts until I located someone senior to e-mail at Facebook in the UK and took to Twitter to finish my frustration. I got a reply inside an hour, saying that my query was being looked into, but no guarantees on finding out why my account has been disabled or reinstating it. The same day I received a further reply saying that unfortunately, due to a shared connection that is personal, he was unable to help or assist me in my scenario due to a “user protection policy”.


    I desired Facebook more than I could have ever thought

    I mean who DESIRES Facebook anyhow, right? No biggie, carry on with life as normal. I was going out that night anyhow, it makes a terrific pub story and I enjoy being the center of attention. I amuse my friends and could drown my sorrows. If anything, not being on Facebook appeared great for a short time.


    It was time to leave and then it hit me. Instinctively I saw that “Your account has been disabled message and logged into Facebook. I did n’t know where I was supposed to go and I couldn’t assess Facebook to find out.


    No worries, I have the event stored in a calendar on my Windows Telephone. I flicked open to my calendar and looked for the appointment and it wasn’t there. The calendar was syncing with Facebook and all of my Facebook occasions were removed from my calendar when my account became disabled, for security reasons.

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