How to reset or recover password in Yahoo?

  • Every one of us has adapted to the new technology and has forgotten the old ways of contacting others. This change has transformed the way we send mails. Now we don’t need to write mails on a piece of paper then post it and wait for few days for the receiver to get it. Electronic mail has replaced the older and slower one. It is a rather faster and swifter way of sending information across. Among all the email services Yahoo is one of the most popular that offers useful tools and features for emails. It allows sending attachments of different file types along with the message such as music, data, worksheet, etc.


    With all the good there are some problems that are bound to happen and create a problematic situation for the user while accessing emails. The most common issue is a lost/wrong password that results into a locked account if tried to login multiple times. Thus it becomes a necessity to reset or recover the password to regain the control of the account.


    How to reset the Yahoo password?


    1. The first step is to open Yahoo login page and look for the ‘Difficulty signing in’ link.

    2. Hitting this option will open up a page that will ask to enter either the recovery email id or mobile number.

    3. Hit the Next/Continue button once the either one is mentioned.

    4. If you have mentioned email then there will be a reset password link sent to the email.

    5. In case of registered phone number a verification code is sent and by using this code in Yahoo a change password page will show up.

    6. This page will allow setup a new password.


    The complete process doesn’t take much time and is very easy to follow. But in case this doesn’t work out then seeking the expert help would be beneficial. The team at Yahoo help desk is available 24/7 to offer exceptional customer service. They can be easily reached via Yahoo USA password recovery support number to avail the astounding services. The user can completely rely on them as they are professionals and trustworthy. So, if you are facing a problem then reach out to the experts now and fetch the quality assistance.


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