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  • TONY buy cheap wow gold EASTLEY: In less than a year the Socceroos will head to South Africa to take another shot at World Cup glory. But this week, one young Australian will have a chance to take home a virtual version of the World Cup trophy.

    Twenty one year old Dimitri Bescos is among a team of seven Australians travelling to China to play in the World Cyber Games. The annual computer game olympics might attract geeks rather than athletes, but it's serious business, with big money and national pride at stake.

    The 21 year old will be taking the field for Australia this week in the south western Chinese city of Chengdu. But this is no ordinary soccer tournament. The 64 team World Cup won't require any players to lace up a boot instead they'll be scoring goals from the keyboard.

    DIMITRI BESCOS: Your heart's probably a million miles an hour. I can't explain the adrenalin rush. Just want to get in there and play, start playing.

    BILL BIRTLES: Bescos will be representing Australia in the popular soccer computer game Fifa, but it's not the only game being played. A further six Australians, all men, will play other titles, including World of Warcraft and the music game Guitar Hero. Up for grabs are tens of thousands of dollars and the possibility of playing computer games professionally.

    DIMITRI BESCOS: Australia is growing as a PC nation and gaming nation and I just don't think people hear it as much. You know it's not on the media or anything like that.

    BILL BIRTLES: Bescos's mother, Niki, has been concerned in the build up to the tournament about the amount of her time her son spends in front of the screen.

    NIKI BESCOS: Uh, he's been practising a bit every night, not a lot because he has had a real hectic social life lately, but he's been doing his best

    BILL BIRTLES: For him to win, he'll have to beat the cream of the crop of the world's gaming community, including the legendary Schellhase brothers. The 23 year old German twins have won multiple soccer tournaments at the World Cyber Games in recent years, and one of them, Dennis says expectations are high.

    DENNIS SCHELLHASE: Well, of course everybody says my brother and me are the favourites now but I think there are lots of countries which have good players.

    BILL BIRTLES: Although he doesn't have the experience or a professional gaming career, Schellhase says Bescos could have a shot at virtual World Cup glory.

    DENNIS SCHELLHASE: If you cool down and not so under pressure, I think you can go farther. If you think, oh I'm nervous, I'm afraid. That is not a good attitude.

    BILL BIRTLES: And if the young Australian's shot at virtual glory falls short in China, he says he won't be too upset.

    DIMITRI BESCOS: I don't think every gamer's a geek, I don't call myself a geek. I think if you have got a life outside the computer as well, you're pretty much, you're right.

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