Different Types Of Earrings For Different Form Of Faces

  • We are unique but what makes us so unique from everyone? Is it only our body, our inner qualities, or face forms or our way to carry ourselves? Let’s about faces and fashion statements this time!

    Have you ever thought how come your glowing beautiful face and your choice of earrings can affect whole appeal or the way of your dressing? There are basically six types of face forms; round, rectangle, oval, square, oblong and heart and they all have some specifications which require choosing some specific types of fashion accessories (if it is closer to your face). Catch out different types of earrings for different forms of faces and catch the pace like a true fashionista.

    Round Face

    Women having round face forms feature same face width and length with a little bit wide from cheeks. If you have a round face then avoid round shaped earrings; they will make you look more wide and plump at the face. Wear long earrings, drop earrings, teardrop earrings, thread pairs or even oblong feather online earring to match your beauty.

    Rectangle Face

    Faces are long and boxy and lengthy edges; you can say it is a longer form of square shape. Pick out fancy hoop earrings, charming earrings with birds and etc. to make it look even with your face form. Don’t apply too much flashy makeup or gloss balm; it will highlight your face’s edges.

    Oval Face

    In this type of form, faces are slightly tapered towards the chin and have a wider forehead. Women with this type of face shape have prominent cheek structure and brag off a lot of the perfect face shape. From stud earrings to tear drop earrings, all will suit this type of faces. Wear long earrings with choker necklaces and stud or huggies earrings with long necklaces or pendants.

    Square Face

    The length of this type of face shape is slightly shorter than the rectangular one and showcases more prominent cheek bones. The edges are wider and fringe style haircut will suit them the most. Adore rounded design of artificial earrings online as they will soften your highlighted features and give a perfect appeal. Avoid wearing wide earrings as they will highlight the width of your face even more.

    Oblong Face

    This type of faces is slightly tapered towards the chin and the forehead. Generally, these faces do not showcase prominent chin; but to make an illusion you can wear light contours. Adore yourself with edgy earrings to create an illusion of natural edges on the face. Square, rectangle, polygon or triangle, some related type of online earrings will definitely complete your ethereal appeal.


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