Locate the individual Maplestory M Mesos in order


    Locate the individual Maplestory M Mesos in order that they simply whisper them to ask if they are available how can that really prove their legitimacy unless they actually GO to their map they dont have an autoCC and are able to observe them hacking at the fleshWhy are you considering that the GMs arent at a map when they are whispering You do

    know GMs can turn invisible Its not like theyre whispering some guy in Blackgate while they are chilling in something or Heneseys Its another case of the community abusing it and taking something that was intended to be helpful for everyoneHi Im an active player in Reboot who likes to relax grinding or when not bossing Is to search


    familiars I find them to be interesting than large stationary chairs I mean having bosses and mobs alike walking with you and fighting alongside you Sounds amazingPresently the system for one get and to search familiars is to go out and search a mob that is specific or possess you drop While it does sound like a nice incentive to mill it

    gets to the point where the fam Cards fall rate is low or sometimes dont even exist By way of example Twilight Perion dinosaurs never obtained them because they struck GMSAs soon as its excellent that the programmers here are eager to maintain the recognizable system in GMS it seems the only method to obtain them is only

    throuh the item Gachapon as they dont really drop from stated mobs Maple story M Mesos Regrettably since reboot does not possess the item Gachapon it is somewhat impossible it seemsI appear to remember seeing booster packs in the Cash Shop a couple of years back like legendary boosters providing out familiars that would be downright impossible to


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