Coin Master How to Win

  • The strategy building game Coin master by moontoon is one of the big hits from the Google Play Store with a steadily growing fan base. Various units are available for the attack and the early decision as to which Coin master troops to specialize in and then regularly upgrade is an important factor in the success of the game.


    You set your troops and they have only one thing in mind - to go somewhere where you never wanted them to go. Some say their troops ruined their attack, but in fact they ruined their attacks themselves. Through inadequate knowledge of their troops and how to get them to go where they want to go Coin Master Spins Generator. In this post I want to explain the different types of artificial intelligence of your Coin Master troops and how you can control your troops in coin master coins hack.

    The different troops of AI
    Your troops can only be divided into several different groups of AI - and these are not stupid, dorky or useless as some would call them. No. It's just troops with focus and troops without focus. As we delve deeper into the troops, we need to be aware of some differences, but basically Coin Master Spins Free Generator, all that you need to understand is if you want to control your troops in Coin master. Say goodbye to raid-like attacks.

    Troops without focus (group 1)
    These are troops that just attack everything - wait a minute, let me explain that a bit differently. These are troops that will attack what is nearest. In this group we have Coin Master Free Spins: