Abilities and learning required for IT Field Engineer

  • It is important to act naturally educated and proactive so as to stay up with the latest, tackling the specialized issues of signs and systems with the best conceivable measure of data, so assets are advanced for a superior benefit of the organization or association, and its clients or customers.

    González Barrera esteems ​​patience and reasonableness in trying IT Field Engineer, because of the requests of the market and the steady battle with specialized issues that require a brisk and productive arrangement. He instructs to have a decent base regarding English, since "all the profitable sources are in English, additionally in the event that you need to be yearning it is basic to create outside of Colombia".

    Concentrate a graduate course is a piece of the combo to perform in this field, however first you should choose in the event that it is truly what you need. "You ought to dissect extremely well in the event that you need to commit yourself to this calling, since it requests a ton of devotion and forfeit," said build Jorge Mario González Barrera.

    On the off chance that you are considering contemplating an undergrad program in broadcast communications designing, you should realize that its rough term is 10 semesters. There are integral postgraduate alternatives, notwithstanding related professions, for example, PC building or frameworks designing. The vocation is a piece of the TI Talent program, in which ICETEX gifts 100% credits to consider broadcast communications building.